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MAKE THE SWITCH - an exercise for self acceptance and a better relationship with food.

This week I felt the need to check in with my original intention for food & freedom which was to help those living with eating disorder. As the idea developed I didn't want to be limited and decided to tell whatever food related stories come to mind. However, I do find value in the original intention and want to make sure to revisit it frequently.

The word holistic may explain the way we exist, and how interconnected the aspects of our being are. Therefore the guides to freedom may be similar or the same, when talking about freedom from different things. They all lead to bliss or the one truth made up of so many truths. If you have never struggled with eating disorder or as I like to phrase it "put too much attention on food", you still may find some light in this text. If you don't think there is anything here for you, I will be back next week with a general text on letting go of control and the common misunderstanding of the concept.

We live in a time where looking on the bright side has become a necessity. It is implicitly important.

When I say that, in no way do I mean we should ignore the negative or less desirable, by all means we should see and accept. After we accept , we do what we can. However, we shouldn't give the problems our power and attention and magnify them. We should magnify the bright side and allow the opposing to shrink and eventually disappear. Be proactive and driven to accomplish change. Yet, If you find yourself angry and focused on the negatives - stop. A positive collective consciousness is our biggest hope. Now let’s apply this to something smaller, more individual, you and your vessel.

>>> We all have things we don’t love about our outer appearance, or perhaps we once didn’t love but have now learnt to. This simple exercise helped me battle some of the most insecure and self absorbed times. <<<


*Every-time you look in the mirror and see something you don’t like. Shift focus.

don’t overthink . Remember this text. Shift focus to… anything you do like.

The exact point where we are able to stop and shift our attention we are doing something so powerful. This tool can change our lives. Don't try to shift, justify the shift or think about it, just SHIFT. Be aware you are being negative towards yourself and stop simply for the sake of positivity, no buts, make it instant.

*Shift focus to… anything you do like.

There must be something. Even if it’s one thing. Your hair, your toes, your outfit, your smile, your talents, your mirror that you picked out. Try make it another physical feature unless you feel stuck -then make it anything at all- focus on that feature or quality or object and how nice it is - you love it.

Tap into that feeling. Imagine that feeling has a color and shape or it’s a physical object you can posses and use and move and transform. Stay with that feeling.

*Only when you feel love and positivity and you've shifted the energy..

Take the same feeling and apply that appreciation to the feature you don’t like - simply do it ! Place it there as if it was just an object you are moving. It doesn’t make sense? you don’t love it ?- act as if you do. Copy and paste that same feeling. Drag and drop it onto your less favorite parts of you .

Don't rush. Maybe finish with saying : " I am happy "

You're not? Don’t worry about it you CAN be.


It's that’s simple. Many call it manifestation some call it gratitude. It is not really about creating what we wish for or what is meant for us, it is about allowing space for it by being grateful for what we have and removing focus from the dislikes or the undesired.

Do you think if you begin to love the feature, perhaps you’ll reach out for what you need or desire. Let’s say a food that will fix your bloat..

Do you believe you can transform ? Have you not seen the exact same people look fabulous and look a lot less fabulous. How much plays into our appearance. How much of it has to do with our vibrations.. I believe we can transform in many ways.


Although the exercise focuses on the physical as that is often the motivation behind drastic diets and food obsessions, lets consider the same principle for the whole being.

Lets say there is a characteristic you don't like about yourself, maybe you're overly jealous. If you were to point that out and then focus on one characteristic that you do love, maybe you're very kind to strangers; what happens to the jealousy? Well you've become aware of it right ? You know it is not desirable and you have accepted it and put focus on something you know is a quality. The more you focus on the good wont the "bad" or better said 'the unsupportive” to your growth" begin to fade.. ?

So although our intention with the above exercise is not to change any physical part of us, isn't it possible that the things we don't love about ourselves will begin to change as a consequence of us focusing on the things we do like? Maybe it will be a real physical change such as weight gain or hair growth, maybe it will be acceptance of a feature that you will now adore!

Although I recommend this exercise to specific clients going through a specific mind and spirit disconnection, doesn't it all just tie down to gratitude and acceptance... therefore surrender. Doesn't it remind us that we must let go of control ? more on that next week ;)

Love, as felt in the belly


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