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How do you FEEL?

Welcome back <3

Tuesday, is for no particular reason my favorite day,

so I decided to change the day for FOOD & FREEDOM writing.

Thursday just did not feel right.

Feel - what a profound word.

Between the way we think we feel,

the way we try to feel,

and the way we truly feel , which is indifferent to our greatest existence,

seems like there should be a few more words to define the different sensations.

Last week I talked about installing the NURTURING PROGRAM. Naturally this program will constantly change based on the way we feel.

Have you ever felt so in love and realized it wasn't love at all?...this example seems to be the one most can relate to.

We can’t always trust what we (think we) feel.

As a consequence of our many layers of awareness, the Nurturing Program usually needs sufficient time to install. I will dare to say the easiest and fastest way to synch up, and live in truth is through consistent meditation. But any practice that gets us to be present, open to new information, free of judgement, transparent and undecided will help us see our truth, and the universal truth for that matter.


I felt a bit abnormal having to type this up today because I am not having coffee at the moment, and I don't find myself typing things up without coffee very often. It has only been four days and I feel like sticking with it. Now, there are so many theories on whether coffee is bad or good for you and again it’s all relative to who you are. I could now look into different effects of coffee on the nervous system, look into how it effects cortisol levels, what it does to aid or worsen stress and anxiety, check my blood type and blood pressure, note down my dominant Dosha which is Vatta, and do various research to figure out how coffee makes me feel. OR, I could just.. feel how I feel.

It is as simple as that.

We don't have to be so out of tune.. we hold more knowledge then we account for. It's as if we don't trust ourselves with all that googling and consulting we rely on, (wink).

I am not saying there is no truth in different diets and methods nor that they're not helpful in a specific situation, but by attaching to them we can't free from that exact specific situation we want freedom from. We build it and program it, again not allowing the ever-changing current to flow. In my suggested solution to handling your daily nurturing you will still be following those same methods but it will happen naturally. It will also change frequently without prep or planning. We need time to get there, but what we receive is one formula for all aspects of existence, not just nutrition.

What I'm trying to communicate is how easy, time efficient as well as one hundred percent accurate it is to install the Nurturing Program as an alternative way to health management. It sounds like I'm trying to sell you something, but I am not. It’s free. It’s simply a decision to have faith in yourself and your bodies capabilities.



This one may seem obvious. When we do start feeling ill or bloated, like something is wrong, we need to allow our system time to fix it. We can't assume it won’t get the job done and jump to conclusion. We also can't give it more tasks when it's clearly very busy. On another note, it's restricting to think it always has to do with what we are eating. Our body reacts to a lot more and is affected by the absolute. It is beneficial in most situations that we link our personal events and the way we feel to the bigger picture.

So when you do feel funny in the tummy, that’s when a short fast could be a simple solution. But why that word? Sounds like a sacrifice. Like something hard to do, when all that you're doing is the right thing for you at the moment. This should be the time when you turn to lighter foods, whatever those are to you. When you let your body know you trust it to fix whatever you might of done imperfectly or to process whatever it needs to. Sometimes sickness or specifically nausea comes intentionally, as a way to expel something - usually a fear or a pain. It’s clear to think that constipation on the other hand is the resistance to let something go which is consequently a resistance to grow.

We are in fact interconnected spiritual beings, and I truly believe the key to our wellbeing is to put much less focus on ourselves and instead, exist as a whole.

We can all agree that eating a lot on top of not feeling well is going to put us in a place where we'll need to start "fixing" things; when maybe all it would of taken was sufficient time for the system to reboot. Sometimes even half a day of fast or REST is enough.

We have become programmed to take chances on our health and say " I'll fix it later".

What would happen if we just listened to our body.. do you really think we would miss out on anything ? or is it possible that we would live in harmony?



How often do you hear people say proudly "it's all about balance". Somehow we are under the impression that just as we need to get healthy when we've been leading an unhealthy lifestyle - ("to balance it out") , we also need to get unhealthy to balance out the healthy.. When referring to the correct meaning of the word... is there really such a thing as too healthy?

We tell ourselves that it is good to do things that are bad for us because our addiction, our negative patterns and our resistance to growth all need an excuse to exist . My way to balance is different that yours, yet balance is retained when one does what is truly good for them.



At a meditation course I did with Art of Living a long time ago, our teacher had us put blind folds on and gave us each one grape, placed directly on our tongues so we couldn't touch it or smell it first. Without knowing what it was we chewed it and put forth all focus and senses to it. When do we ever do this? unless it’s fine dining and the price of the plate is the reason. To this day I remember the flavors of that one seedless grape. So much flavor and experience from one single grape made me realize how much food we just pass through.

Unaware eating itself can lead to the common issues we experience in our nutrition and overall health. I don't like listing the bad things we often make ourself go through by waiting too long to install the nurturing program. I do not like raising fear in people; be it fear of certain foods, the dictionary of diseases, or fear of life itself.

Everyone talks about mindful eating but we rarely see people doing it, especially in western culture. In Balinese culture you will notice that people make a point of "eating time" and usually focus on their meal; at least my staff at Vinny's Warung would while I often sent texts and orders when chewing my food. They chit-chatted all throughout their shift but never at lunch time.

At my yoga teacher training in India in 2013 I was considered mysterious by the other students, maybe even unfriendly, for I didn't want to converse during meal time; I was practicing mindful eating. One of the most common ways we meet up with friends is to get lunch or dinner. We eat and talk and drink and put our digestive system to a bit of a challenge. This is not saying we shouldn't do this at all. Sharing meals with friends is a gift. However, it would be nice to let the nurturing program know we are grateful and enjoy at least one to two meals a day eating in silence. For eating when eating, walking when waking, working when working , are examples of awareness, and awareness is key to an easy living. By easy I do not mean a life without challenges but one where daily tasks are in flow and we don't need coffee to perform them. Our high frequency energy may be used for larger milestones then simple operation of the already perfect and automated system.


If you like this idea of installing the nurturing program and allowing full trust in the self , for the remainder of this week you could focus on these 3 things..

*Allow REST from food when feeling full or you notice your digestion isn't working as efficiently. REST until true hunger kicks in. There's always a time to enjoy your favorite foods, even to feed your cravings, but it's not when the system is fixing a glitch.

*Your next meal, JUST EAT. As in meditation, if thoughts come ..accept them, then let them go. Be with the act of eating. You'll realize just how much more there is to it, the flavors, the time, the portions, they're all so much bigger. Every bite nourishes and provides.

*Simply consider balance, ponder balance. Ask yourself when do you feel most balanced? That, is what brings you balance. Balance is created by the universe, by earth, by water, through monthly cycles, not by acting and counteracting on repeat.

What is good or bad for you is different than what is good and bad for me.

We must not identify what’s bad for us as good, or say that it is there for the sake of balance, simply to comfort our inability to detach from it.

How do you feel? Inside and out. Be honest and continue accordingly.

The program supports you, as long as you believe it does.

Not any program I am offering you, YOUR individual program. Your growth.

Lots of love, in life and in nutrition





ps. Next week I will post the ways YOGA CAN HELP THE GUT!!

Please leave me any questions you'd like me to address in future text!

for example I already sense the question of " but how do we get so in-tune, how DO we install the program? Are you even so in-tune?"

well.. my way is meditation... and it has been the way of many for a very, very long time.. So I don't really know of competitive options out there .. if you need help getting started or making sure you're really meditating feel free to reach out to me! The other way is being BRAVE. letting go what no longer serves you and detaching from expectation, fearlessly.

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