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FOOD & FREEDOM. - introduction.

Welcome to food & freedom,

plantfood ateliers free blog-book on

health, yoga and nutrition - here to help you achieve freedom from diet and consequently more freedom in life.

I hope what I write serves you in any way, yet ideally motivates you to keep riding that health train to contentment and beyond.

The following is an introduction to what food and freedom is all about. I will do my best to post new insight each Tuesday.

Let me start by saying

I’m not here to tell you what to eat, when to eat and how to eat it. I’m here to share knowledge on how I tell myself , or better yet how my body tells my brain what, when and how to eat. My intention is to motivate you to ask your body for guidance, not to follow a structured diet, not a controlling diet, not any diet that is specific to the point of excessive planning, stress and finally obsession. There’s a very fine line between trying a new diet and turning it into

unhealthy mind-body language. One must respect and love the food they eat, never blame it, never fear it, yet never disregard it either. Food is a blessing, and it’s a dimension of its own, one to live in sync with. Extreme deprivations are not the way to heal through food.


Gradual riddance of selective foods and a path to purer foods, triggered by the body’s needs as the vessel goes towards freedom and enlightenment, are different than taking on the job to fast, and sustain or change your diet to one with preconceived and unmoving specifics. Food freedom is in demand. We have to appreciate our food, even bond with it. Food is good.

There is no singular truth either, what is good for me may not be the best choice for you. No diet is universal for every culturally and ethnically different human, of different memories, paths and lifestyle, even trauma and karma. The only diet right for you is the one you yourself naturally create, based on a deep understanding of your own needs and high awareness of the effects of different foods on your particular and beautiful system. I’m here to share my experiences, and my process, that’s it. I am an example of someone who has overcome eating disorders on my own, with a very simple method everyone can establish in their own lives. I am also someone who turned food obsession into business and achieved freedom within food restrictions and limitations.

Just as with my nutrition, I’ll let this written work flow, with the intention of helping the reader feel less stressed, stuck and controlled by their daily aliment. But for the most part I will avoid using the word “I“and rather focus on “it“ - the nutrition, the feeder, the stabilizer, the energizer, the scale; the ultimately diverse and colorful world of food and the food mathematics of the individual. Let’s call this unique balancing system of eating patterns something like a new diet, yet a diet that constantly changes. Let’s call it the "nurturing program”. Let’s think of it as an inbuilt program, as something solid and sturdy yet ever changing to synch with our true needs. This program, like any, has glitches and takes time to perfect but it is inspired and driven by our awareness levels that tie in with the other aspects of our well being. The 8 principles of Yoga, The Taoist principles of Yin & Yang and other popular theories on the way of life are all built in to the system which is why it can perfectly calculate our feeding sessions on its own, without a calorie calculator or the need to check for protein content; it simply knows what the vessel needs. Now all we have to do is install this program, and although it may take some time, once its done it will be there to stay and you won’t have to rely on the outside to tell you what the inside needs. - We only need a guru until we can be that guru ourselves, with meditation, with work, and with food. I aspire to help you become your own nutritionist and food consultant.


Vinny from PA

Digestive system

by Mehau Kulyk

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