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ABOUT ARTIST turned chef 

Vinny King / (Hornlein) is a Croatian-German Artist born on June 14th 1991; she  spent her teenage years in Bali Indonesia after moving there at the age of 11. Her work has since been inspired by the contrast in art and architecture seen growing up in two different worlds, the idea of the parallel universe and the theory of light.


Vinny's mother was an Art Historian and later a Stylist and Designer, giving her clear access in to the world of art; her whole life she was intrigued by Museums and Art Galleries, calling them her favorite places to visit. Given her enthusiasm in learning about the masters she was told stories about as a young girl in Croatia, such as : Picasso, Matisse , Cezane and before all Michelangelo, she refers to her relationship with art as" romantic. 


Starting off doodling on her books, furniture and hands, Vinny  was able to express her love for art in art class In Bali. She finally agreed upon taking Art as her major when her High School Art Professor Fernando Leon told her it was the best thing for her and decided to attend the same college he had, In California. 

Vinny studied Art Studio with focus on painting & Art history in Santa Barbara where she received her 2 degrees with Honors and a 4.0 GPA. Her Abstract painting and printmaking work was featured in student art shows and she excelled in all her classes.

Although she has had a few smaller showings of her artwork In California and Indonesia, she  is currently preparing what she calls her first official exhibition.  We know its theme is referencing the parallel universe theory and is a going to be a collection of abstract self portraits reflecting Vinny Kings growth as a human and part of the Universe. She believes her mothers favorite artist, Kandisnsky's work allowed her to accept her instinctive work as final and let her escape realism entirely. 

Kings work has strong spiritual references and is merely focused on color and composition, although her student work seems to have feminist notions and references to Georgia O'Keefe.

Her photography work is meant to resemble her painting and focus strictly on composition, not subject, therefore seeming random, but always, as her paintings aesthetically pleasing. She believes  her art has to be beautiful and comforting, it should not induce negative feelings yet Kings photographs and paintings are meant to project positive energies to the best of their ability. 

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