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Vinny M. Hornlein

Fine Art. Dance. Photography.

fashion & beauty model.

Plant-Based Cuisine & nutrition.

Vegan Pastry. 

Plant Based Menu Development


a word by

I have a million dreams and passions, the uneasiness of wanting everything right now disrupts my yoga practice and makes me the speedy talkative person that I am. Vinny King is my alter ego, this character balances Spirituality , Creativity and Business, she has it all figured out. 


I've grown up in the arts, with the arts, about the arts. Yoga , music, painting, printmaking, fashion, cuisine and dance are all parts of my abstract composition. My current and most valued passion is Plant Based Nutrition in its most creative light.  I hope what I share serves you some purpose, whether you draw from it, get inspired from it or at least have a laugh about it.

Please find links to all my projects through the website and feel free to write me with any questions or inquiries regarding recipes and menu development. 

Please email for collaborations in ART or FOOD

Love, Vinny King

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